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About Gamezop

At Gamezop, we are building the world's largest distribution network for digital content.

We started in 2015 with our flagship games offering, Gamezop. Gamezop has a collection premium HTML5 games (also known as instant games) that app / website publishers can embed. Apps / websites benefit from the added engagement and retention that games drive. Additionally, partners integrating games also benefit from our ad-revenue sharing program!

In addition to Gamezop, we now have multiple other products in different content verticals. All of our products can be integrated within your app / site:

  • Quizzop: Bring quizzes from hundreds of popular categories (such as Tech, Business, Logos, and more) to your users.

  • Newszop: Allow your users to access the latest news from around the world!

  • Astrozop: From Western Astrology to Vedic Astrology, from Tarot readings to Horoscopes, Astrozop has something to offer to your users for all their astrology needs.

  • Criczop: Latest cricket news, scores, live commentary and more for your users.

  • Performance Ad Campaigns: Source ad campaigns for your apps / websites from our network of advertisers.

All of our products help drive engagement and monetisation for you!

To know more about us, visit business.gamezop.com/about-us

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