Gamezop Leaderboards API

Some games may have multiple types of scores. You can use Gamezop Leaderboard APIs to distinguish them from one another.

Understanding Leaderboards

Let's say there's an endless runner game with 2 modes: "easy" and "hard". If you wanted to create leaderboards for the game for your users, it would only be fair that there are 2 separate leaderboards - one for easy mode, and one for hard mode.

To be able to do that, you need to distinguish which mode the user was playing when we post a score to your webhook. This is where Leaderboards come in. Scores are not scoped to games, they are scoped to Leaderboards. A game may have more than one Leaderboard. Once again, please note these are not user-facing leaderboards within games. This is way to add context to the scores we broadcast to you.

Note that most games have a single leaderboard. This document is useful if you're taking a game from us which has multiple leaderboards.

Get all Leaderboards for a game

The Leaderboards API can be used to fetch details of all the Leaderboards that can be made for a particular game.

Get all Leaderboards against a game code


The API returns a list of all Leaderboard IDs for any game, along with a description of what that Leaderboard captures.

Query Parameters




Unique code assigned to each game - this is the code value received in the All Games API

Sample response

The response contains an array of leaderboards objects. Each object contains the following:



A unique identifier for the leaderboard



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