🔗Integrate via Astrozop Unique Link

Integrating the Astrozop portal takes <30 mins! ⚡


Integrating via Unique Link is quick and easy! To do so, you will just require:

  • Your Astrozop Unique Link, which you can get from your Gamezop Account Manager

  • A banner or an icon which you can place in your app / website. When your users tap on it, you'll open your Astrozop Unique Link. For an easy head start, you can access our free-to-use Creatives Library here.

Your Unique Link is usually a sub-subdomain of read.astrozop.com containing your Property ID. For instance, if your Property ID is 1234, your Unique Link would be 1234.read.astrozop.com.

Astrozop does not have support for Custom Unique Links.

Given below are the documents for adding Astrozop Unique Links to your app / site.

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