👀Custom Unique Links for Gamezop

You can run Gamezop games and the Gamezop Game Center on your own domain. This document outlines the steps you need to undertake to do that.

We strongly discourage opening the Unique Link within an iframe. It is not recommended from a performance and monetisation point of view. We also may not be able to accurately attribute revenue from your visitors back to your Property ID if you do so.

Gamezop Unique Links will stop working within iframes in the near future.

Monetisation on Custom Unique Links is not as strong as on standard Gamezop URLs. We work with several advertisers directly for high-paying direct campaigns, and their campaigns can only be served on domains owned and operated by us. Blended eCPM numbers on Custom Unique Links will be lower than on standard Gamezop Unique Links.

To get your own Custom Gamezop Unique Link, follow these steps:

Step 1: Identify a sub-domain for the Gamezop Game Centre

For this document, we will assume you own footballnews.com and you want our Game Centre on games.footballnews.com

The sub-domain should be of a root domain which is already approved for Google AdSense.

Follow the steps mentioned here to get your regular Gamezop Unique Link.

Step 3: Contact your IT team to make CNAME records

Step 3.1 - Domain set up: Ask your IT team to set up a CNAME record on your domain. You will need to CNAME your subdomain from Step 1 to your Gamezop Unique Link from Step 2.

Let's assume your Gamezop Unique Link is 3025.play.gamezop.com

In that case, you will set a CNAME record for games.footballnews.com with the alias as 3025.play.gamezop.com

Step 3.2 - SSL validation: In order to be able to run our Game Centre on your domain, we need to have an SSL certificate linked to your subdomain from Step 1. This allows us to run everything on the recommended https protocol.

To generate this certificate, we need to add another CNAME record, which your Gamezop Account Manager will provide to you. It is your responsibility to ensure this DNS record is not removed at any point of time, or users may start to see safety warnings from browsers when they visit your games subdomain.

Step 4: Get your domain verified on Gamezop's Google Ad accounts

Add this line at the end of your ads.txt file:

google.com, pub-3452022011371122, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
google.com, pub-6598661725544892, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Your ads.txt file must be hosted on your root-domain. For example, in this case above, it would have to be on footballnews.com/ads.txt . Learn more about ads.txt here.

This is needed for us to get your domain added to our Google AdSense / AdExchange accounts, so that we can start delivering ads.

Step 5: Make ads.txt entry

In the ads.txt file hosted on your root domain, add an entry to reference your games subdomain. In the above example, you would add the following line to the end of your footballnews.com/ads.txt file:


What this does is that it instructs ad networks to look also look within the . Since the sub-domain is managed by us, it will always have our latest ads.txt entries.

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