Save users' in-game progress

Ensure your users always resume gaming from where they left off.

Nothing is as annoying as spending hours playing a game, and coming back to find your progress was not saved. Don't fret, we've got just the solution for you.

With a very simple integration, Gamezop allows you to store your users' progress so that when they return to a game, they can continue right from where they left off. This works even if the user comes back from a different device.


You must have a unique identifier for your users.


All you have to do is append a sub query parameter to the game URL and pass your unique user identifier as the value.

For example:

That's all! We'll do the rest.

We store the user's game progress using a combination of your Property ID, the game code, and your user identifier.

Max supported length for the value of the sub parameter is 100 characters.

Do not pass any personally identifiable information in the user identifier. Ensure you send hashed identifiers.

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