😅Types of integration

Ways in which you can bring Gamezop games to your users!

There are 2 ways in which you can bring Gamezop to your app / website.

In this method, in your app / website and hyperlink it to your own Gamezop Unique Link we share with you. This is the recommended method of integration and has the following benefits:

  • Easy and quick: Takes 1 web / app developer under 30 minutes to go live. This takes your user to the Gamezop Game Centre which lists all our games.

  • White-labeled experience: The Gamezop Game Centre can be customised to meet the look and feel of your product.

  • Superior ad-monetisation: You benefit from our best-in-class ad-optimisation techniques as users see ads on the games listing pages, as well as while playing games. This leads to higher ad-revenues for you.

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2. Integrate via All Games API

Take this approach if you want to create your own UI for listing games.

In this method, you can use the Gamezop All Games API to populate your own UI and directly take users from your app / website into individual games instead of taking them to the Gamezop Game Centre.

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