✌️2 key terms

Just 2 key terms you should know, for you'll see them mentioned several times in these docs.

Property or Property ID

We create a separate Property for each of your traffic sources + products you integrate. For instance, if you have 2 apps (App 1, and App 2) and you want to add Gamezop and Quizzop to both of these apps, you will have 4 Properties:

  • Gamezop for App 1

  • Quizzop for App 1

  • Gamezop for App 2

  • Quizzop for App 2

Each Property has a unique identifier, referred to as the Property ID.

Account or Account ID

When you first get onboarded as a Gamezop Publisher, we create an Account for you. All your Properties belong to your Account. Any organisation / individual working with us only ever has 1 Account.

At the end of each month, revenue from all the Properties under an Account are consolidated, and paid to the Account owner.

Each Account has a unique identifier, referred to as the Account ID.

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